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June 28, 2010
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Neva Amon Character Sheet by sasukedamien Neva Amon Character Sheet by sasukedamien
UPDATED. Has pretty much all the colors I want. NOTE: I'm not going to color the alternate outfits because I don't know what color I want them yet. ^^;




Name: Neva Amon
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Height: five feet, one inch. She doesn't seem like she'll grow much more though.
Weight: 90lbs of muscle and cuteness! (NOTE: She is really rather skinny, but because her hips started to grow, she had to mess with her outfit. All she really eats is ice, so it's no surprise that she's tiny. Muscle ways FAR more than fat.)

Favorite things

Favorite color: The background color
Favorite Food: hot soup, but she's really only supposed to eat ice.
Favorite berry: Mago Berry
Favorite place: anywhere that has snow, a lake, or both! She also loves beaches (but can't swim) and forests (gets lost easily).
Favorite weather: Cloudy, just about to rain or snow.
Favorite pokemon type: She can't help but like other Ice types, but she adores grass types, steel types, and ground types.
Favorite scent: Manly man cologne :iconimseriousplz: She loves the stuff.
Favorite instrument: She loves the sound of chimes.

Least favorite things

:bulletred: Team Rocket humans. She doesn't mind gijinka's quite as much, but they bother her. She's horrified of them and hates red R's to this day.
:bulletred: Being ganged up on. If more than two people start picking on her at once, she goes into a panic.
:bulletred: Being picked up unwillingly. There have been too many times in her life where someone she doesn't know or doesn't like picked her up and carried her somewhere. If you try and she doesn't know/like you, she WILL flail and hurt something (most likely herself).
:bulletred: Being forced into doing something. Just don't make her.
:bulletred: FIGHTING. I cannot stress this enough. That's how she lost her father, that's how she got all of her scars. She hates fighting, and will feebly try to stop something bad from happening.
:bulletred: Her friends ditching her. She loves people dearly, and tries to keep them with her as much as possible. She hates it when a friend leaves without notice.
:bulletred: Lovesick people. She doesn't understand why people have to feel hurt by love, and is afraid of falling into the trap herself.
:bulletred: Being hit. Simple as that.
:bulletred: Being unable to move. She goes into a panic if she's unable to move her arms and legs. She can handle just her arms, or just her legs, but not both.


:bulletblue: Be ready for hugs. She loves to feel hugged and hug people. This is mainly because of the lack of motherly love, and the loss of her father.
:bulletblue: Try to be open-minded. She can be rather childish at times (most of the time), but she doesn't try to annoy people or anything. That's just how she finds people to not be angry at her.
:bulletblue: NO ROCKET SIGNS. If you're a rocket member, try to hide it. She won't ask.
:bulletblue: Don't mention family to her. It's a touchy subject, but she'll try to hide it as best she can.
:bulletblue: Wear manly man cologne. :iconimveryseriousplz: She will flock to you like a magnet to metal.
:bulletblue: Rub her head, pet her head, whatever. Mess with her hair.
:bulletblue: Be fun! She loves fun people.
:bulletblue: Massages. She loves them. She craves them. SHE NEEDS THEM.

Other things I come up with will go here, when I think of them.

Background/Short Biography
Neva was born on a remote mountain near route 214 (that stupid snow path everybody hated to go through). Her mother "didn't appear to be around," and she was left to be raised by her father, a Glalie. He was strong, and kind, and very good with children. He raised Neva well, and taught her all of the attacks she knows. One day, however, things changed. Trainers started coming through the path, and men in black suits with red R's started searching for strong pokemon. That...

That was when Neva was seperated from her father.

She was only six at the time, but she found that (if she ran fast enough) she could escape any problem, flee any battle. That was what she did until another half-being like her, a typhlosion named Artemis, came to her. After being told that there were many more like her, and a place to stay and be loved, she gladly accepted and went with the leader of Team Ilex into


*dramatic music*

I'll update this even more as time goes on, trust me. There's a lot in here I didn't mention.
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:iconrainbrowsplz:Holly poop its neva! i just searched snorunt gijinka and this came up :D
XD Yup, she was originally the snorunt of the group. Cute, right?

That's funny. It wasn't near the top, was it?
nah it was on the 2nd or 3rd page
Awesome, the fact that you could still find it amazes me. :iconblushplz:
Awww~! <3333
--hugs Neva and rubs her back gently--

Somebody deserves a hug! <3333
This character study is exquisite.

Are you studying for animation?
I've played with animation a bit, yes. I'm not sure about full on studying it, but I do make some animations here and there.

Thank you! I'm glad you like it. :)

Dear, you must consider it!

They teach you from the ground up.

Are you building a strong portfolio for several universities?
I actually don't know how to make a portfolio. :faint: Do you have any advice? I know I need to get on that fairly soon. Did you go to a college for animation? Do you know any good college's to go to (preferably ones that are in America)?
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